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Download FAU-G Beta APK Download & Install FAU-G Game

After the announcement of FAU-G Pre-registration everyone is looking for How To Download FAU-G Game?

So if you also want to download FAU-G Beta Apk from the google play store then this article is for you.

In this article I will let you everything about the game and how you can pre-register for FAUG and How To Download it.

After the Announcement of PUBG Ban and Pre-Registration of FAUG people are getting excited for downloading it. I’m sure you will love to play it on mobile as well as computer.

When the Indian Govt. announced the ban of all the 118 Chinese apps and many other apps along with the PUBG, many games came forward to gain sympathy in the name of nationalism. 

But all in them, FAU-G became the headline when Akshay Kumar (Indian Comedy Actor) shared a poster of Fau-G through his tweet, and it is believed that this game will be the best alternative to PUBG.

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Here is Akshay Kumar Tweet About Fau-G Game

FAU-G Best PUBG Alternative

nCore Games (Indian Mobile Game Developer Company) is developing the FAU-G game an Indian version alternative to PUBG.

In the Game, players will know about the sacrifice of Indian army who fight for their nation without thinking about themselves. 

In Akshay Kumar tweet, it is also clearly mentioned that a net 20% of the game revenue will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust. It is also going to support the PM Modi AtmaNirbhar Bharat movement.

So if you also want to make India a self-dependent country, Download the FAU-G Game on Android and iOS and support the country’s economy and have fun.

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What Is The Meaning Of FAU-G, Complete Details?

Meaning of FAU-G: The meaning of the FAU-G is Fearless And United Guards. It means a person (army officer) who is fearless and ready to protect the country from the enemies with unity.

In India, there were over 33M+ active players of PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground); but the game is completely banned in India and just after a few days later, Akshay Kumar announced about the launch of FAU-G, which is an Indian Action multiplayer game.

After looking at the details of posters, photographs, and trailer it is clear that we will be playing the role of Indian army, and I’m sure it is going to something like crazy and will beat the PUBG for sure.

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FAU-G Game Details:

FAU-G Original Poster
App NameFAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
Size460 MB
Android8.0 and Up
PublisherStudio nCore Pvt. Ltd.
Available onGoogle Play Store

👉 Download FAU-G Game👈

What Is FAU-G and How To Play FAU On Mobile?

FAUG game is all about the soldiers who fight for the protection of their motherland by putting their life in risk and danger.

And This Game is also to let you know the national and international danger that you can visualize with the graphics.

Vishal Gondal is the Advisor and Investor of the company for the games. He made sure that the players will experience the virtual things looks like reality.

The Game is going to be a pillar for the Indian gaming society and the youth will be encouraged to know more about the soldiers’ efforts and represent India globally.

A question may be arising in your mind how to play FAUG game. The answer is simple till now there is no clue of how to Play FAUG game. But I assure you that this article will help you when the game is Live.

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How To Download FAU-G Game In Android?

The FAU-G game is available for pre-registration and very soon you will be able to download it as, the final release date is still a mystery and there is no clue about the game.

Like the game poster, the game will be very interesting and might be even more interesting than PUBG.

But to reduce your anxiety, here is good news, the game called FAU-G will release in December 2020. The final date is not announced yet, so you have to stay connected with this article.

It would be much better if you save this page in your Bookmark.

If there is any FAU-G update, you will get the full detailed info about it.

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Download FAU-G Game APK: Download Official FAU-G Game From The Play Store

Only a limited information is officially available about FAUG, and by taking those information in consideration here I’m publishing this article.

The Fau-g is Live for pre-registration but there is no sign of game download, and it will appear only when it officially launches.

FAU G Apk Download Link

Download Link Of FAU G Game For Android – Google Play Store

Download Link Of FAU G Game For iOS – Coming Soon

How To Download FAU-G (Fauji) app On Android?

  • Go to play store
  • Search for “FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
  • Click on the install button
  • When the installation completes you an open button will appear
  • Tap on open to enjoy the game.

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How To Download FAU-G (Fauji) Game on iOS?

  • Go to Apple Store
  • Search for “FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
  • Click on the install button
  • When the installation completes you an open button will appear
  • Tap on open to enjoy the game.

How To Install FAUG Game Apk?

  • Download the Fauji Game apk
  • Navigate to your storage
  • Tap on the apk
  • Go to Phone Setting > Security > Enable Unknown Resources
  • Install FaU-G Mod APK
  • Now, it is ready to use

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The Theme of Fau-G Game


The game is built with excellent graphics that will let the players witness the real battlefield scenarios that the soldiers face on the border to protect the motherland from domestic and foreign threats.

The game’s first episode is based on the Galwan Valley incident where a third person will be in the battle field and you being the players will be controlling the movements and other stuff.

It will be used to support our martyrs and help our nation grow with the 20% revenue of the game, which will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust.

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Download Fau-G Game FAQ

  1. What is the full form of FAU-G?

    Fau G full is Fearless And United Guards.

  2. What is the Release Date of FauG?

    The FauG Release date is December 2020.

  3. What is the best PUBG alternative?

    FauG is the only and best PUBG alternative at present.

  4. How To Download Fau-G game?

    Pre-registration of Fau-G is started on the Google Play Store and after the official announcement you will be able to download also.

  5. What is the file size of the fau-g game?

    I’m not sure, but it can be approximately 1.5gb-1.8gb.

  6. Is fau g will be a battle royale game?

    It is unclear, but it is expected that it will be a battle royale game.

  7. What is the official website of the fau-g game?

    There is no official and specific website for fau-g, but you can follow for every update.

  8. What is the role of Akshay Kumar In the Fau-G game?

    It is believed that the game is developing in Akshay mentorship, and there is a chance that he may have a partnership with the company.

  9. Who is the owner of the Fau-G game?

    The game will release by a company called nCore Games, and Dayanidhi MG is the CEO of that company. So you may call Dayanidhi MG as the Fau-g owner.

Last Words

I’m assuming that this article would be very much useful for you to install and download fau-g game apk on android and iOS devices for free.

If you have anything to ask or share, please let us know. I would love to help you to get rid of the problems you are facing.

Happy Gaming

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Download FAU-G Beta APK Download & Install FAU-G Game

⬇️ download Fau-g game 🎮 and install the fau-g beta version on 📱 android phone because, in this article, I will let you know everything about the faug game.

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