✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator

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If you are confused with the keyboard keys and seeking for the FAU-G Keyboard Controls to play the Fau-G game in computer emulator?

Then stick to this article, and I will supervise you with all the shortcuts codes used to execute the fau g game.

Playing fau g on mobile is exciting, but the pleasure is 10X more when you try on an emulator.

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Keyboard controls in fau g games are not so hard and can be easily regulated; anyone can master it after practicing for a few matches.

As per my experiences, computer games have similar shortcut keys, and this game is very relevant to PUBG, so there is a probability that its commands will be similar to it.

So here is the list of all the shortcut fauji keyboard controls serviceable to lead fau g characters.

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What Is FAU-G?

Fau-G is an online multi-player Indian action game by nCore Games publisher, set to launch in October 2020.

The game is developing in the mentorship of the Great Comedian Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar. Fau-G (Fauji Game) is based on the life and true events with the Indian soldiers on the border.

Developing this game aims to let the citizens know about every sacrifice the soldiers perform to save our country from bad people (terrorists) and do you know How FAU-G is going to be the best India’s Alternative To PUBG Mobile?

The most important net 20% of the profit will be donated to the Indian Army to support the Atmanirbhar Bharat movement and make India the self-dependent country.

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FAU-G UI Controls Keyboard Shortcut Keys

F1Key Reminder
F2Quick Message
TabView Bag Stuff
FPick Up, Open, Get In, etc.

FAU-G Gen Movements Shortcut Keys

AltFree Look

FAU-G Driving Control Keys

CSeat Change
GShoot from inside the vehicle
AltFree Look

Swimming Keyboard Keys Of FAU-G


Keyboard Shortcut For Fight In FAU-G

Left ClickFire/Punchetc…
Right ClickAim/Scope
1,2,3,Change Guns
4,5,6Frag Grenade, Smoke, Molotov (Stun)
XPan, Sickle, etc..
Mouse Wheel UpNext Weapon
Mouse Wheel Down    Previous Weapon

Peek & Fire FAU-G Shortcut Keys

QPeek Left
EPeek Right

Shortcut Keys For Health & Power In FAU-G

8First Aid
0Energy Drink

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FAU-G Keyboard Controls FAQ

  1. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator Can Fau G Play With xbox?

    Till now, it is unclear, but there is a chance that it will be available for all the platforms.

  2. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator Can fau g Play With PC?

    Yes, you can use any android emulator available on the pc that is capable of running android apps.

  3. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator What Is The Release Date Of fau-g?

    Fau-g is set to release by October 2020.

  4. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator Will FAU-G Have Quick Chat Like PUBG?

    It is unclear, but if it is similar to PUBG, then there must be a quick chat, and I believe we may get a better quick chat than PUBG.

  5. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator Fau G Can Run In 2gb RAM?

    Yes, it will run but the flexibility that you can achieve with 4GB or higher RAM that can be experienced with it.

  6. ✅ FAU-G Keyboard Controls: How To Play FAU-G In Emulator FAU-G Can Play In Laptop

    Yes, you can play faug on a computer as well as a laptop with the shortcut mentioned above keys.


These are the common keyboard controls that one can use for playing the FAU-G game. If you have any queries related to fau-g, please drop it in the comments below.

Disclaimer: These are only expected keyboard controls that you can be available in the game. But still, it is not confirmed, and I can’t say it will work. But there is more probability that most of the above keywords will work for sure.

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