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FAU-G Trailer: FAU-G Game Official Trailer & Final Release date

In the recent few months, many fake trailers of FAU-G have been seen, but finally, the Official FAU-G Trailer is launched. On the Occasion of Dussehra nCore Games and Akshay Kumar made the official FAU-G trailer available publicly through a tweet.

In this article, I will be talking about the game story according to the trailer and how the game will be with full details. Stick to this article till the end, and I will let you know everything about the trailer, story, and game.

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FAU-G Game Official Trailer

Here I have embedded the official FAU-G trailer tweet that Akshay Kumar published.

FAU-G Game Release Date

If you are looking for the FAU-G game’s final release date, it will be launched in November 2020, as you can see in the official nCore Games Tweet.

But the exact date is still a mystery; nobody knows that when it is going to launch, it might launch at the beginning of the month, middle of the month, or who knows at the end of the month.

You don’t have to worry about that; whenever the game launches, we will let you know everything about it here, so save this page in your bookmark.

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FAU-G Game Official Trailer: Fearless And United Guards Game Trailer

According to the first FAU-G trailer, the graphics look very simple. Still, the story seems very dashing as well, and the Indian army is proudly defeating all the opponent’s army.

But the motion poster of the game still looks copied, and the ending seems very much similar to PUBG. If you change the officer’s dresses and increase the graphics quality, it will be very similar to the PUBG trailer and motion poster.

As Akshay Kumar has mentioned, this game is a tribute to the Indian army and supports the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat movement by sharing its 20% profit.

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FAU-G Trailer Copied

If you search for the official FAU-G trailer, you will find hundreds of game trailers where they promise that it is the original trailer, and they also look pretty decent.

This is the reason we start judging the game. The fake trailers of FAU-G are a mix of other game trailers such as PUBG, COD, Free Fire, etc.

All those people are just a compilation of all other video game trailers to earn money. But we always provide you the right information as soon as possible. So you can also bookmark this page to get in touch with us forever.

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My Opinion About The Trailer

It is only the CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) Trailer, which means it doesn’t contain any gameplay. I think this is just the cinematic cut scene of the game made using the computer software.

In the trailer, they have shown the incidence of the Galwan Valley as they announced it initially. I think the fight is going on between two teams are between the Indian and Chinese soldiers that happened on the battlefield.

If I’m not wrong, they might have made this trailer in their imagination because, as per my knowledge, there is no such recording or motion capture of that incident is discovered till now.

The trailer doesn’t look decent, but I think it might be under development; that’s why it is not looking much better, but who knows if, at the time of release, they can make it better. Let’s see what happens, but in the end, I’m sure everything will be better.

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FAU-G Game Trailer & Release date FAQ

  1. Will there be a Battle Royale In FAU-G?

    Rumors are spreading that the game will have the battle royale mode, but it is not so. People were thinking that it is copying PUBG so that it will have the battle royale, but it is not so.

    As per my guess, it will be the single-player mode game, and later on, the option of multiplayer may be launched to play with your friends.

    There is a chance that in a multiplayer mode, other soldiers will be your friends.

  2. What have to do in the FAU-G Game?

    Everything is not specified, but they leaked a small hint that players have to follow the map and infiltrate the enemy camps.

    There will be only the necessary weapons, not like the PUBG, that you are using dangerous weapons and the players have to use their unique skills to win the game.

  3. Fau-G will be available for Android/iOS/PC?

    The game will be available only for Android and iOS because nCore Games is the company that develops only mobile games. Most probably, and most likely, the game must be available for FREE.

    But if there is anything to buy, such as clothes and skin, you have to purchase it.

  4. Can we play FAU-G on computer?

    nCore Games develops mobile games, so; there is a fewer chance that it will be officially launching for PC. But you can use play FAU-G on a computer using an emulator.

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Last word

I’m not sure, and I can’t comment much on this topic about how the game will look like after release; it will fulfill our expectations or not.

Unless the official Gameplay or Official game is not launching, we can’t spread hate about the game that how it will look.

If I’m getting any official news, I will update it here for sure. If I commented on something and it is not like that, you will blame me.

I hope this article would be useful for you. If this article helped you in any way, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

Happy Gaming 😉

See you in the game 😊

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