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How To Fix Lag In FAU-G Emulator For Buttery Experience

When you are about to win the match, but suddenly the emulator starts lagging, at that time it feels like to break the PC? Here you will find 7 Effective Ways To Fix Lag In Fau-G.

It is disgusting, but here is the solution, and I guarantee this article is enough to solve all your queries, and you can play fau-g with no lag.

Stick to this article, and I will let you know every aspect that you can use to fix lag in the fau-g emulator. There are a variety of reasons that cause lag.

The settings used in this article are applicable for every emulator and works very fine even on low-end computers.

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is a computer program that let you run android apps on PC and also play fau g game. Emulators are computer programs that create a new environment to use android apps or for whatever purpose it is made.

There are a variety of emulators, and each emulator has its uniqueness.

Emulator like Bluestack has the specialty to run all the apps available for android in the google play store by signing in with Gmail.

Whereas emulator like Game loop supports only a limited game, and to run other Android apps, you can’t download with play store.

Emulators that supports android apps perform like Operating system, and you know if an OS is heavy, it needs the massive machine. In one line, every player is suggested to always go with a high performing machine that has excellent output.

By default, you can’t run android apps directly on the computer, but the emulator allows you to do that within just a few clicks.

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How To Install Emulator On PC?

Installation of an emulator on a computer is not a challenging task, all you need to do is to follow the steps given below, and you can easily install any emulator on a computer or laptop with no error.

  • Go to the official site of the emulator
  • Download the exe Installation file by clicking on the download button
  • Navigate to location while exe file is download
  • Click on the exe file and begin the installation process
  • After finishing the installation run it
  • As soon as you run its first UI will appear

Note: Every emulator has its own different functionality of the android app installation, so you may visit their official site to install the other android apps.

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7 Effective Ways To Fix Lag In Fau-G Game

There are numerous things you can do to speed up your device performance, but here I have listed some of the most useful tips and tricks to fix lag in fau-g. I guess it would be very much helpful for you.

1. Fix Basic Settings

Before performing any action first of all fix the basic settings then follow the other settings

  • Click on the Battery Icon (Taskbar)
  • Tap on Battery Settings
Fix Lag In FAU-G Emulator
  • Navigate to Display Tab (Right)
Fix Lag In FAU-G Emulator
  • Set Display Resolution to highest 1920 x 1080
  • Scroll down and click on Graphics Settings
  • Browse the app and select Graphics Specifications to High Performance

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2. Analyze System Specification

For playing any android game on the computer, first of all, you need an emulator that can run those applications, for that you must have a good machine that is capable of running the emulator smoothly. If you are confused about what configuration you must have, please scroll the page.

Minimum PC Configuration Required To Run Android Emulator

These are the min configuration that you can have to run the game, but it won’t be enjoyable

Recommended PC Configuration Required To Run Android Emulator Smoothly

These are the recommended configuration that will be useful to run any game with no lag and error.

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3. Improve Internet Speed

You can never have lag-free gaming when there is slow internet connectivity. When you are playing the game like Fau-G, the min required internet connection is 1-2Mbps. There is a large number of data import and export happens, and with game emulators also need a stable connection.

Mobile internet provides normal speed, so it is recommended to use broadband.

  • Min: 1-2Mbps
  • Max: 5Mbps+

4. Set Power Options To Highest Performance

For a better battery life in settings, it is set in a power-saving mode that limits the performances of the computer. If you set up manually, you can achieve the highest performance of the laptop.

Note: It will cause battery drainage and allows you to use the full potential of the machine.

  • Open Control Panel
  • In the right corner near view by select Small Icons
  • Tap on Power Options
  • Select your plan to high performance
  • If you can’t find click on Create Power Plan (left side)
  • Select Mode to High-Performance name it according to your choice

If you are using a laptop it would be simpler for you follow the below steps

  • Click on the battery icon (Taskbar)
  • Drag the bar icon to Best Performance
  • It will give a quick boost to the laptop performance

5. Allow Priority To Emulator

As a gamer, you must know that assigning priority for a specific software allows you to run that particular app with the highest level.

By allowing it, you are instructing the machine to give more priority when that specific software is in running mode and limit the rest processes going in the background.

  • Start the emulator
  • Open Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + ESC)
  • Go to Details Tab
  • All the running processes will appear
  • Find the running emulator
  • Right-click on it
  • Navigate to Set Priority and from its sub-section, choose Realtime
  • Close the Task Manager and enjoy the game at high performance

6. Keep Drivers Up to Date

Whenever I start playing a game, I check whether my drivers are updated to the latest version. Outdated drivers suck the gaming experience in comparison to the latest drivers.

Many drivers are available in the market to boost your gaming experience; some are for free, whereas some are paid. Here is a free and updated Advanced Driver Booster to give a lag-free experience.

Install and scan to find all the outdated drivers once you get the update to the latest version. When all are updated, restart your system, and you will experience a significant change in the system.

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7. Delete Temporary Files Permanently

Whenever you run any software or open a file for the first system automatically creates a cache file for it to open instantly when you open it again.

It is recommended to always clear all those temporary files.

  • Click start button 
  • Search for %temp% and open it
  • Delete all the unnecessary files from here
  • Reboot the computer

Last Words

I hope all the Fau-G lag might be fixed by applying the above settings. If you are still facing any lag, it is recommended to upgrade your device. 

There are a variety of ways to fix lag, but if I missed something or you have some new techniques to achieve the best performance. 

If there is anything to fix lag in fau-g game please drop it below in the comments.

If it is useful, don’t forget to share it with all your gamer friends.

Happy Gaming πŸ˜‰

See you in the game 😊

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