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18+ Killer Settings Instantly Fix Lag in FAU G Permanently

Lag is the most famous issue in every game when it is built, the same thing is with faug also, but it doesn’t mean we can’t Fix Lag in FAU G game.

The lag occurs mainly because of three issues: low-end devices, graphics settings in faug, and ping issues. I know it is heartbreaking when you are about to win the match but it starts to Lag and the next moment your opponent, gave you a headshot.

So better than getting a headshot, gift a headshot to your enemies. In this article, I will guide you with complete knowledge to fix Fix Lag in FAU G.

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19 Ways Of How To Fix Lag In FAU G?

Let’s have a look at every method to fix if all those issues that causes lag in the game. This is not only for faug game but you can try this for any computer game that you play in computer with Bluestacks.

1. Delete Unwanted Files

For playing heavy games, make sure you have a phone with good storage space. It is because heavy games require lots of storage to run smoothly. Always prefer a high-end device to run any game with 0% lag.

2. Uninstall Apps Not Opened From Months

Humans tend to rely on tools for every small or big work, and in that case, we install so many applications which we use for a single day and forget about it.

But they cause problems for other apps because they are taking its place in the device to maintain its presence, sometimes they also consume heavy performance, but you are not aware of it.

Recheck your application manager and delete all those applications which you installed for single use. While playing, you must have enough free RAM and CPU usage and limit all the apps.

3. Set Custom Animation

Set your animation, this setting may not be available in your device when you get for the first time because it is hidden by default, and users have to enable it manually.

I have no idea that you know about it or not; animation plays a major role in FPS. Setting appropriate animation allows your device to work smoothly.

Follow the steps below to set custom animation for Fau-g

  • Go to Settings > About Phone
  • Tap on Built Version 10 times
  • A new option will appear in the settings called Developer Options
  • By chance, if it is not visible, use the search box in the settings
  • Navigate to Developer options and enable it
  • Scroll down and set the settings as mentioned
  1. Window Animation Scale to 0.5x
  2. Animation Duration Scale to 0.5x
  3. Transition Animation Scale to 0.5x
  4. Restart your device to apply changes

After applying these settings, the gameplay will be smoother, but even your device will work faster than ever.

4. Use Game Booster Softwares

In the upcoming Phone, almost all of them include gaming booster, and they have some special functionalities for gaming to provide seamless gaming.

But in the old phones, there is no such option to optimize the gaming performance, so it is highly recommended to get one game booster installed on your Phone to fix LagLag in faug game.

You can some of the boosters such as

  • Gaming mode
  • XDA
  • Game Booster By BGNMObi
  • FPS Counter to know the FPS status of the device

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5. Clear Cache Before Playing The Game

Whatever the apps you install on your Phone, they create separate cache data for themselves. They stay in your Phone forever unless you delete or clear them manually.

These cache files cause disturbance when you run a heavy game or high power required apps. You can delete them manually by going to the file manager or using a cache cleaner tool.

6. Limit Background Apps and Disable Autostart of Apps

In the latest Phone AutoStart model of apps and background, apps are already disabled, but there are a few in which it is switched on by default, so make sure to turn on before running the game.

  • You can find them in Settings > Permissions > Autostart

Disable the apps from the list in running mode; for buttery gaming, I will suggest disabling all the apps for a lag-free experience.

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7. Disable Power Saving For FAU-G

Power saving restricts you from performing some actions because it is instructed to save maximum battery. First of all, disable these settings by going to Battery Settings > Battery Saer > Select FAU-G and turn it off for power saving.

8. Turn On Overclocking Mode

Overclocking is the best way to achieve maximum optimization of any phone, but it negatively affects phone performance.

In my recommendations, it is not allowed because there is no doubt that it will return you a high performance that you never thought, but it will cause damage to your device in return.

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9. Disable Services Not In Use

Sometimes we forget to turn off the services we used for the last time, leading to negative points for gaming.

Services such as Bluetooth, WIFI, Location, Vibration, Extra Sound, Auto Rotate, Sensor Detector. They will cause battery drainage as well as performance delay

It is all up to you because you can enable all these things whenever you want.

10. Download Game Only On Internal Storage

While installing any apps or games by default, it is set to install in the phone memory. Phone memory has the perfect fit environment for any game to run with no lag, and in them, high chips are used.

11. USE GFX Tool

There is already an in-depth guide available on our site that works very fine and effectively, especially when you are passionate about gaming.

12. Set Adaptable Graphics Settings

I can understand that everyone can’t own a high performing device for playing games, but they can apply the best settings to have less LagLag.

  • Graphics: Smooth/Balanced
  • Frame Rate: Extreme (Depends on your device)

Note: Set which is best suitable for your Phone.

13. Reinstall FAU-G Game

There are some problems when your application is outdated or while downloading if it is corrupted, so in that case, Reinstallation is the best solution.

  • Go to app settings
  • FAU-G
  • Clear Data & Cache
  • Uninstall
  • Navigate to play store
  • Search and Install Faug
  • Run

If it were causing due to a corrupted app, it would be resolved.

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14. Mute Others When It Is Not Required

The mic will cause extra internet data and slow internet speed, so it would be better to chat using quick chat or text chat.

Sending voice messages also requires high-speed internet, so turn it off.

15. Use Airplane Mode (Flight Mode)

For me, Airplane mode like a charm in boosting my internet; it works on the principle of reestablishing the connection with the tower.

From now onwards, whenever you will appear in the match, make sure to enable and disable airplane mode so that your data connection remains stable and strong.

Airplane mode shut down all the internet running services; if it didn’t work, try the below idea.

16. Use WIFI (2-5mbps)

WIFI networks’ speed is 10x better than normal internet speed even when its speed is low; it will work super fast, let it be for browsing, downloading, or playing games.

Because in the phone network, if any SMS arrives, it causes disturbances in a stable connection.

17. Select a High-Speed ISP

Playing games or browsing the internet speed matters a lot, and you can achieve a better speed only when you have a good ISP connection. The best thing about Good ISP they provide less ping while gaming.

18. Refresh Network (Airplane Mode On/Off)

Resetting your network helps reduce your ping issue when it is too much, so you keep on doing on and off for airplane mode.

By the time, it will stabilize your connection with a good speed.

19. Use Best VPN

The selection of a better VPN is not easy, there are many cheap VPNs available in the market that promises to provide good speed, but it lacks usage.

From my experience, VPN works like a charm when you have got a good one in boosting your internet speed and accessing the sites not available in your country.

But if you have enough budget go for a premium VPN.

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Last Word

I hope these tips might be very useful for you to solve all the queries related to lag fixing in FAU-G. If there is anything, I can do for please drop it below in the comments.

Happy Gaming 😉

See you in the game 😊

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