12 Proven Techniques On How To Increase WIFI Speed By 10X

12 Proven Techniques On How To Increase WIFI Speed By 10X

Just think you have the last five minutes to submit your job resume, make the Oyo room payment, book the last ticket for the honeymoon, but suddenly the internet got stuck, there is no option to increase WIFI speed immediately.πŸ“Ά

These situations are very frustrating and enough to make anyone mad; in my daily life, I face many internet issues when I didn’t apply this technique.

That’s why here I’m sharing the techniques that helped me to boost wifi speed by 10 Mbps in just a few minutes.

There are various reasons for the connection issue, but once you applied these 12.

Believe Me,

Your WIFI will have bullet-like speed, I use these techniques mostly while playing games, and it doesn’t create any lag issues.

12 Tips To Increase WIFI Speed While Gaming

Follow these 12 tips and do as it is described depending upon your device capabilities and you will achieve a great internet speed.

1. Right Placement Of Router

Right placement and decision is the most important for anything. Let it be for increasing the WIFI speed or in life; the right thing always has a suitable outcome.

If I’m not right, you might always be keeping the router closer to the machine while playing games; if it is not so, please reduce the distance between the router and machine.

In short and simple, the closer you come, the faster the connection you achieve.

While using mobile phones, you might have experienced a significant fluctuation in internet speed change just by changing the room. So always place it to that place of the house where it can deliver great speed.

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2. Use Cables Instead Of Wireless

Yes, you spelled it right, never go wirelessly when you need high speed, especially in the gaming mode.

Wireless has a fragile connection compared to a wired network; in the wired connection, everything is directly connected, whereas the wireless network spreads in the environment.

3. Keep Your Firmware Up To Date

Yes, always prefer a branded router, which keeps improving their services with regular updates to provide users the best experience of gaming and the internet.

Living up to date not only improves the wifi speed, but it is also useful to maintain the security of the system.

If you don’t know how to update the router to the latest version, google it with its model or search for a tutorial video on youtube in your preferred language.

Tutorials are available for almost all the WIFI routers.

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4. Set Wireless Band To Maximum

Some of the routers wireless band is limited for health and other issues; it is all up to you. Users have no idea about it when they don’t look at the settings of the device.

I experimented with my mobile hotspot with 2.4GHz to 5GHz. The result was 5GHz is the winner in case of internet speed and download.

So my recommendation is to set the AP band to 5GHZ at least to have a good speed.

5. Tighten Router’s Security

Improving the router security will not let other unknown users connect to your machine without permission.

There are a few techniques using which some bad people can try to get connected to your wifi network without knowing the password; that’s why improving the router’s security is the most crucial task.

To improve, follow the below methods:

  1. Set a strong password with the combination of alphabet, symbols, and numbers
  2. Enable filter only for trusted devices
  3. Don’t use the default password
  4. Use a high-security option

6. Remove Temporary Files

It is not the straightforward process of boosting internet speed but indirectly if it helps a lot. First of all, it will not help you improve internet connection and increase the device performance because there won’t be any unwanted files.

Temp Files are some temporary files that the computer creates automatically when you run any software so that it may open instantly when the user requests again for the same application.

7. Pause Downloads and Other Apps From Using the Internet

After getting connected with the wifi, many application starts eating up internet data which is natural with every device and to save them from using unnecessary data; users have to stop them one by one manually.

If you are playing games, allow only the running apps to eat the data and pause for the rest.

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8. Don’t Keep Antennas Parallel.

Yes, it might be looking weird, but it is true; I imagine that your router has two antennas, so make sure both don’t have a parallel face.

I keep one antenna perpendicular and the other at “0” degree, pointing towards the gaming pc.

9. Restart the Router

Restarting is a technique that fixes around 70-80% of network issues in any device, let it be the router; it works like a charm.

In restarting the device, re-establish the data connection to the network provider, making a better bond than the older one.

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10. Install Router Built Specially For Gaming

It is not a joke; there are many routers available at low prices built for everyday usage. They don’t have the power to deliver high speed.

To have ideal gaming, you must have at least a router built on the gaming theme.

11. Replace Old Routers

If you own a router that is 8-10 years older, it is the time for its replacement because, in the modern routers, many technical things have been implemented, which are super fast than the older one.

Many things, such as Ping, and latency has been improved a lot in the latest routers.

12. Change Your Broadband Plan

Every broadband plan can’t have a high-speed internet connection. It is because every provider has its offers depending on their features and pricing.

So it is the last but most effective to boost if none of the above works for you.

Last Word

I hope this article helped you increase wifi internet speed; if you are still facing any issues, please let me know in the comments below.

I keep trying new techniques to boost the internet connection, and from these above techniques rebooting the router is the most striking works fantastic for me.

What are your thoughts about this article? Please let me know.

Happy Gaming πŸ˜‰

See you in the game 😊

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