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What is FAU-G Game? Game By Akshay Kumar & nCore Games

In this article we will know everything in details that What is FAU-G Game? and what is its relation with Akshay Kumar and nCore Games.

Afterall it is going to bring revolution in the Indian Gaming society.

What Is FAU-G Game?

FAU-G is an online action game and the Indian alternative to PUBGM. The full form of FAU-G is Fearless And United Guards, which sounds like Fauji (Hindi word English meaning is army officer).

This game is built to make Indian citizens know how soldiers fight for our safety without thinking about themselves, and it is also announced that 20% of net revenue will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Trust.

After the ban of PUBG, Fau-G became the headline in the Indian gaming news. It is just a coincidence that they nCore Games announced game launch just after the ban of PUBG whereas they have also clearly mentioned that they are working on developing fau-g from last a few months.

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Will FAU-G a Better Alternative?

In India, only a few companies develop good quality of games with fantastic graphics, and the previously made games of nCORE Games Company are not much good.

But it is expected to be a better alternative of PUBG and could beat PUBG easily by occupying a good space in the heart of Indian Gamers. This game will also promote the PM Narendra Modi AtmaNirbhar Bharat campaign.

A few Indian game developers are using the PUBG Mobile Ban as an opportunity to bring a feeling of swadeshi in Indians’ minds so they may generate huge revenue. The same thing happened at the time of the TikTok ban, which is completely banned in India.

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There are many alternatives to TikTok available in India, such as Chingari, Mitron, Reels, Ropos, Moj, and I can’t count their names, which completely replaced the Tiktok in India.

Again the Indian govt. They have banned 118 Chinese apps, which were in collaboration with Chinese companies. These applications are no more available in the Google play store and app store.

Gamers have lots of questions about the game and I will let you know everything about the game that you are looking for.


What is Fau-G & Full Form of Fau-G?

Fau-G is the Indian alternative action game to PUBGM and the full form of Fau-G is “Fearless And United Guards.”

What is FAU-G Release Date?

The FAU-G Game is going to launch in December 2020.

From How Long FAU-G Game Is Developing?

Vishal Gondal also revealed that nCore Games and its team is working on the game since May-June 2020, and also announced the game would be publicly available by the end of December 2020.

How Many Players Fau-g Will Host At a Time?

There is no clue of game about the number of players that it will host at a time. But it is expected to have min 25-50 fauji at a time.

Is FAU-G An Action Game?

Yes, FAU-G is an action as you might have seen in the Google Play Store that it is added in the Action category.

What Is The First Episode Of The Game?

The first episode of the game is about Galwan Valley Incident the fight between Indian and chinese troops.

What Is Its Relation With Akshay Kumar?

nCore Games company is developing this game under Akshay Kumar mentorship, and he is the person who announced about the game launch through his tweet.

Last words

It is an outstanding achievement for Indian that we are going to get such an epic game in the coming days, whose 20% revenue will go for the Indian Army. If it becomes successful and everything seems good there is a chance that we can get lots of better games like this.

Happy Gaming πŸ˜‰

See you in the game 😊

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